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Preacher’s pulpit

The Mother Church in the town of Nova Lima houses an 18th century gemstone; three magnificent altars and two pulpits sculpted in wood by the greatest Brazilian baroque sculptor, “Aleijadinho” (Little Crippled).  In 2005 a group of parishioners looked for a sculptor to commission a ground pulpit which should look like the hanging original ones.  The time frame for the project was very short term (60 days only) and no sculptor accepted the challenge. So, a professional cabinetmaker, Mr. Edson Carvalho, proposed me the following joint-venture: he would build the pulpit´s platform and the circular upper railing in solid wood. The semi-cylindrical central section of the pulpit (the “chest”) should be carved by me on a massive cubic block of Brazilian cedar (Cedrela odorata). After 47 days only I completed the pulpit “chest” that was joined to the other parts. The whole pulpit was then delivered to the church. Now, my humble work lies beside “Aleijadinho’s” masterpiece where I hope it will remain forever.

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