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Baroque-style Jewel Chest

The tiny “Baroque-style jewel chest” was completed in November 2010. It was especially conceived by me in the Baroque style. It has a pair of front doors with a lock that closes seven small drawers and two large lateral doors with locks that close two side compartments. It was created to be sold to collectors of jewels, watches or pens and was entirely made of solid Canjerana (Cabralea multijuga) because of its unique property of changing its own color from the original pinkish to a beautiful dark purple under the quick action of the air/sunlight. The rough board of salvaged Canjerana was not machine-processed because I could not allow any waste of usable wood. Instead, I cut all the thinner beams and boards using just a handsaw and planed them individually by hand. It took 4 ½ months to be completed, including its blue velvet lining. The finishing was done with a personally prepared wax. Exclusively hand tools were used.

Dimensions: 27” high x 20” wide x 16” deep

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