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Apartament Bar

I was requested to devise and manufacture a liquor bar (the horizontal piece only) to fit to a corner of an apartment veranda. My intention of making such a casual piece in a very special way was accomplished by creating a solid wood structure around vintage ironwork, with a sheet of glass on top of it and an opaque acrylic bottom from where some lighting comes.

For the central section of the bar I utilized a vintage and exceptional blacksmith artwork presumably imported from Spain in the beginning of the 1900’s that I had scavenged from a scrap yard in the 1970’s. That wrought iron piece has no electric-welded junctions (only rivets and rings). The woodwork was performed on massive pieces of Ipe Tabaco (Tabebuia serratifolia) - a very hard Brazilian wood. The hanging extremity of the bar was supported by an artistic cast iron bracket affixed to the wall.
Dimensions: 52” long x 23” wide x 2 6/8” thick

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