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Miniature Highboy for Watch Collectors

This piece is not a copy of any ancient highboy. It is just inspired by some Web photos of Philadelphia Highboys. The project was designed by me for utilitarian purpose and aimed at the watch collectors’ market. The watches may be deliberately displayed by just pulling the six smooth running drawers, but kept far from indiscreet viewers whenever the drawers are shut and locked. In addition it has two secret and large compartments (also key locked) destined to conceal the most valuable watches. The interior is blue velvet lined. It was entirely handmade of solid mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) that has been naturally air drying since March 1989. The bas-relief carvings on the bonnet, apron and claw-and-ball legs were really hand carved on single blanks of wood. It was built using the genuine 18th century woodworking techniques (hand tools only). Even the “turned” finials and mouldings were actually hand carved. The finishing was done with light nitrocellulose sealer and wax only. I also built a mahogany low table intended to stand this miniature highboy at the adequate level for usage and observation.

Dimensions: 50” high x 24 ½” wide x 13 ½” deep

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