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Rococo two-section cabinet

The “Rococo two-section cabinet” is formed by the superposition of the “Rococo cabinet” completed in 2008 (see its page for details) on top of the “Rococo chest of drawers” completed in 2009 (see its page for details). It is entirely made of old growth Rio-Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) salvaged from a demolished rural larder and bought in 1997. The available pieces were quite irregular in shape and size (some like scraps). The wood seemed to be vitrified so hard it was. The finishing was done with a personally prepared wax. The whole project was conceived, drawn and hand carved by me in an inverse logical sequence, which means, I started by sculpting the frontispiece and continued downwards to the feet of the chest of drawers, according to my personal interpretation of the Portuguese style “Dom Jose I” (Baroque/Rococo styles). Only hand tools were used, except for the large board sawing.

Dimensions: 70” high x 31” wide x 30” deep

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